Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 .. let's call it almost done

Well here we go time to cap off another year with best of lists, the year that was, who did what so forth and so on.
We talk lots of sports on this network so that's about what you would expect here. In reality it's time to thank everyone that has made this fun little idea a pretty damn nice success this year.

The Monster Energy NASCAR and Supercross series' along with Texas Motor Speedway have boomed us nationwide, taking chances on some local guys that just like watching and talking about those sports. So much that our Revved Up Sports Show will head to syndication in 2018.
Every local short track in Texas has embraced what we do and have made RPMTX & RUSS the place where big announcements have been made about 2018, that's awesome! In 2018 we will cover local racing both 2 and 4 wheels better than anyone here.. mark my words. FOX 7 Austin has continued to give us great love and that is so appreciated here at home. Tim Bryant and 5 Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida home of the Snowball Derby brought us to the 50th annual event. The biggest short track race in the US.

High School sports are huge here and our schools have embraced our coverage and this too will only grow in 2018. This brand of broadcasting has many great folks that pioneered it and RPMTX thanks the great K-MAC Sports and Hays County Radio groups for the "crossover" effects. We seem to be proving that we can all work together. Pretty damn novel concept these days.

The best for last.. the folks that all contribute to these shows and network. Bobby Chaffee, Kevin McAdams, Sang Cao and most importantly their families that allow the network to steal family time. All of you that listen to what we do, it is still pretty surreal to see the numbers we pull in and that is because all of you that keep coming back and contributing. Each time you click a live, archive or FB live broadcast you help grow this product.

Finally and MOST important is our GOD that have given us this life to do that we do on RPMTX. Goes without saying everyday we are so thankful for what has been given to us.

Get ready for 2018 we have big plans and ideas, can't wait to have you all along for the ride!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

NASCAR finale felt good to me

Look, before you skip this read because of the title hear me out. I know the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series and organization have changed, I'm the most old school change resisting person around here when it comes to stock car racing. It's not the same, these guys aren't like the dudes we grew up with, the cars look odd and alike and what the hell is a 500 mile race with pauses? Well it's the entertainment business and that is what main stream sports are. Here's a tidbit short track is too.. we racers are entertainers but that's for another post.

The Sunday race crowned a driver as champion that has been over so many obstacles he could run hurdles in 2022 for the US Olympic team. Truly a feel good story for Martin Truex Jr, his team, his family and lady and in a time with all the negative sports stuff this one just feels good! A normal guy with what was an underfunded race team work hard, earn the respect they needed to get to the next level and go to the top of the sport. Sorry to disappoint many but that is what NASCAR needed and probably wanted to happen and they got it.

The irony that on the day the top face Dale Earnhardt Jr drives away in the sunset as he parties with his friends and soaks up every moment the sport gets the story that will take them into the next generation and in my opinion, gain some popularity. Dale Jr made race fans truly appreciate the sports we love with his total appreciation to everyone around him.. you don't see that in the NFL I hate to say. Said it on the radio Monday night as I sat in my chair toasting these guys I felt like I was in the pit area after a Saturday night show.

Thanks Truex for bringing some emotion and warm feelings into NASCAR as we close 2017 I can only hope that rolls along in '18. Jr, man you made this NASCAR thing cool for lots of people I am glad you let your personality drive your career, you my man are a Hall of Fame lock and I look forward to the day we get you in there.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Texas Football

I know we have heard this for years, and I know I bleed burnt orange but I am going to tell you the future is bright for UT football and the program.

It has been a long struggle full of "it's tome" moments since that '09 national title game time after time we have anointed a new savior but this team and most importantly this staff gets it. I talked to Rod Babers before the San Jose St game he said as he pointed to my Texas shirt "That is a target".
Texas is a program that even through the years of 5 win seasons and jokes commands respect to this day. It's a bowl game to play Texas. Lots of schools around here have improved and are players but there is one TEXAS.

Tom Herman and his staff have these players trained to do well and even with close losses to USC and OU are giving them that taste of winning that has been lacking for years. There is a freshman QB living his dream to lead this program and the results are about to be seen. I heard some one say this program will win as long as TH is here; he will not leave he wants to be in Austin and more importantly knows that those horns stand for.

Buckle up friends Texas is about to go on a run we have all been longing for.

Hook Em!


Friday, August 25, 2017

You Probably Need to Go

Man we love to watch that weather and many of us think that we are actual weather people. We like to give the weather folks a hard time when they miss a rain event but hey, we are dealing with the atmosphere. We joke about accountability and being wrong when it comes to the forecasters.

BUT THIS TIME friends in South and portions of Central Texas... I don't really think they are going to miss this one. Everything seems to point to a disaster, usually there is at least one model that disputes the our weather friends but hell even the tamest one this time has destruction written all over it. So this time let's take the warnings and be smart head leave if needed. TXDOT has information put together so follow this link if needed.

God Bless you all and God Bless Texas, hope to see and hear from you all soon!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Well another NASCAR All Star race has come and gone and we are all still waiting for the excitement to start. Every year same thing, tweak the format and wait for the fireworks but still it  turns into another snoozer. The answer? Everyone has an answer including me but mine is too easy, get rid of it!

If this is all about filling the schedule get another race in that weekend, otherwise give em the week off and turn the weekend fan friendly and give fans all access to the drivers in non racing events. Let em race the drivers in simulators or something like that. IF you need to do something get Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet on board and let's get these guys using that road coarse/oval in "showroom stock" vehicles in elimination format like the Race of Champions. Anything, here's the problem after that event Saturday all the "fans" are already calling for the Sunday race to be another Truex-esqe ass whoopin like we saw in the 600 last season. NASCAR may be losing fans they say but the sanctioning body certainly has gained critics and arm chair promoters. Say what you want NASCAR listens and adjusts.

Sunday is a great day Monoco, Indianapolis and Charlotte.. doesn't get much better than that. THAT'S NOT REAL RACING!!! lol... uhh yeah it is, have a great raceday friends!


Friday, May 12, 2017


Guys if you haven't noticed Mother's Day is Sunday!!! Hurry get that business taken care of and I don't mean head to the gas station! Now remember just because the kiddos may be grown does not mean we should forget the moms are still moms.

 A night out? Breakfast in bed? The possibilities are endless, we found cool stuff in the Austin area just click this link

Best case dudes, show the ladies we appreciate them funny sometimes that's the best gift there is.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Texas Motor Speedway

Monday morning and we wrapped up an amazing and energized race weekend at The Great American Speedway. Three days and six Revved Up Sports Show episodes live from the media center are the things that will make you look back and say; "Man, that is really awesome how that all worked out".

Our thanks to Bobby Newman and the great media folks at TMS that put all of our requests and on site together these folks are great to work with and everyone made sure we had everything we needed. Our crew came back well fed from tacos, fried chicken, bbq and the world famous nacho bar how much more Texas can we get!

Bobby Chaffee and Kevin McAdams just hit home runs no question using their talents to the maximum our entire trip. Great time right now for RPM RadioTX and great things to come soon.
All the shows archived at

Racing continues and so will our progress, thank you all for your support as we work to keep bringing Austin maximum race coverage.